Create a beautiful landing page, a web page or a shop in 5 minutes.

Landing page, event, personal profile, resume, small business, nonprofit, drop shipping, store, portfolio, guest house, restaurant, club, wedding, artist…

Tell your story in one page.

It’s free.

Excerpt from the one-page website templates available in PageXL, the simple and free web page creation service that requires no code or knowledge

No code, no problems

Start with one of our one-page website templates, customize it with a few clicks, and choose a secure address, that’s it!

Secure hosting is included and free. No FTP, no SSL certificate to buy or configure, PageXL takes care of everything.

And if you’re lacking in inspiration, PageXL offers thousands of royalty-free stock photos from Unsplash so you can create a beautiful page in no time.

Create your online store? Easy!

Turn your page into a full e-commerce store: create buy buttons to sell single products or a form to sell a customizable product.

You can also create a traditional online store with a shopping cart to sell a range of products, and even create an advanced configurator to sell a bespoke product online.

Accept credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay® as payment methods at checkout by connecting a Stripe account to your site.

Photo montage of a one-page e-Commerce responsive website created with PageXL and displayed in 3 screen formats.

Automatically mobile

Websites created with PageXL are responsive: they are perfectly displayed on mobile, tablet, monitor, TV. You have nothing to do, it’s automatic, and essential! Since 2016, mobile web traffic has overtook the desktop one, a modern website must displays correctly on all screens in 2020!

Even better: just like the site you’re visiting right now, your website will be viewed on mobile as a Progressive Web App: your visitors can install it on the home screen of their smartphone!

Screen capture of PageXL on a mobile, the free online service for creating simple and modern one-page websites

No computer? No problem!

The PageXL interface is mobile-friendly so you can create and edit your website from your smartphone when you’re away from your computer.

Take a picture with your smartphone and add it to your website immediately, it’s possible and easy with PageXL!

Google Lighthouse report of the site rated 100/100

What about the SEO?

PageXL automatically optimizes your site for search engines, including Google: fast loading, HTTPS secure access, mobile optimization, offline use, service worker, redirects … see the Lighthouse report for the site that scores 100/100.

All this is gibberish to you? That’s why PageXL does it so you only have to worry about the content!

Just one page, seriously?

Yes, for most personal & small business websites, it’s enough. The average web user stay on a web page for less than 15 seconds, so the sooner you can get your message across, the better.

Is single-page design good for any website?

No. If you have a lot of content like articles, news headlines, many products to sell… you may need something different than a one-page website. Take a look at TOWeb.

Can I use a custom domain for my page made with PageXL?

Yes. We make it simple to use your own domain with PageXL, you just have to follow the instructions of the builder to configure the DNS of your custom domain. And we take care of you SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt, you do not have to worry about it.

Can I use PageXL for free forever?

Yes. The free plan is not a demo or a time limited trial, you can create up to 2 pages with a free account, no credit card is required, we’ll just add a PageXL branding ad at the bottom of your pages.

Is this site made and maintained with PageXL?

Of course!

Free? Really?

PageXL allows you to create and host 2 sites for free and unlimited time. Even for commercial use. In return, a small link « made with PageXL » is displayed at the bottom of your web page. This remains discreet, it is not external advertising that disfigures the pages. We are very attentive. In addition, your personal data are neither sold nor communicated to third parties.

We have paid plans starting at 4 €/month to remove this link, allow the creation of more sites (up to 25), and give access to some additional options if you need it:

— link your own domain name to a PageXL web page.
— add to your site terms of use and a privacy policy (GDPR).
— track your site traffic with Google Analytics.
— convert and export your site as a PDF document.
— export the source code of your site (HTML & CSS) if you want to modify or host it yourself.
— add customized <meta> or <link> tags to your site.

What Experts Says ?

Howard Steele

Extremely easy website builder. Professional one-page sites in minutes. Fully-optimized websites…

Steve Litchfield

PageXL PWA is a web site builder - in the Edge browser!..

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